Helping founders bring their products to life

We transform your vision into a Minimum Viable Product, attract initial users, and iterate for market fit.


The Process

Built by founders, for founders

Research & Design
Research & Design
By merging in-depth research on your idea, audience, and strategy with innovative UX/UI design, we accelerate MVP development, ensuring a swift and precise roadmap to your vision.
Development & Launch
Development & Launch
We identify ideal technologies for your project, merging coding with weekly releases for early feedback. This approach turns your idea into a reality aligned with your goals.
Evolution & Maintenance
Evolution & Maintenance
MVP development extends beyond initial launch. We're dedicated to swiftly managing new requests and challenges, guaranteeing ongoing support and continuous product evolution.

Why Us

Save time, capital & attention

white checkCustom Product
x closeExpensive (€30k+)
x closeLong Duration (3+ months)
x closeSelf-Managed Process
x closeLack Founder/MVP Awareness
white checkCustom Product
x closeExpensive (€40k+)
x closeLong Duration (3+ months)
x closeIntense Process
x closeLack MVP Awareness
green checkCustom Product
green checkGreat Value (€7.5k)
green checkShort Duration (4-6 weeks)
green checkSimple Process
green checkFounder & MVP Awareness
krafit browser
x closeLimited Product
white checkLow Cost
x closeLong Duration (3+ months)
x closeDifficult Process
x closeSelf Awareness
Technical Co-Founder
white checkCustom Product
x closeHigh Cost (50% Ownership)
x closeLong Duration (4+ months)
x closeIntense Process
x closeSelf Awareness

How it Works

Our simple, fast & effective process

We focus on one project at a time, meaning you and your idea get our undivided attention, as we believe this generates the best results.
Respond In
24 hours
Confirm in
5 days
Complete in
4-6 weeks

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Who we work with

Non-technical Founders
Non-technical Founders
We serve as your technical co-founder, eliminating hassles and protecting your equity.
Fund Raisers
Fund Raisers
Our MVPs show credibility and results to investors, maximising the chance of a raise.
Serial Entrepreneurs
Serial Entrepreneurs
Too many ideas, not enough time? We’ll build the product, you work your magic.
We bring your product to life so you can attract users and scale your business.


Bring your idea to life

2-3 weeks
Branding & landing page to help you attract potential users, validate demand, and test your riskiest assumption.
white checkNaming / Domain
white checkLogo
white checkColour Palette & Typography
white checkLanding Page
white checkCopywriting
white checkSoftware Mockups
white checkEmail Collection
white checkWebsite Analytics
4-6 weeks
An MVP web app to validate your products value, generate income, and iterate to product-market fit.
white checkNaming / Domain
white checkEverything in Prototype
white checkWebsite (2-3 Pages)
white checkWeb Application (5-20 Screens)
white checkUser Authentication
white checkPayments Integration
white checkAPI Integrations
white checkCustom Marketing Strategy
6+ weeks
Custom web app development tailored to your needs, generating income, and achieving product-market fit.
white checkNaming / Domain
white checkEverything in MVP
white checkUnlimited Screens
white checkUnlimited Reviews
white checkDedicated Support
white checkScalability Planning
white checkAdvanced Analytics
white checkMulti-language Support


Their stories of success

clutch review
They met all our expectations, showcasing efficiency and expertise that aligned well with our project needs.
Thanks to Krafit, the client improved operational efficiency, reduced customer wait times, and achieved positive acclaim from end customers. Krafit delivered the project on time and ensured excellent project management and responsiveness. Their expertise and comprehensive approach were commendable.
Renatas Parojus
Renatas Parojus
CEO, Piksel
arrow down
They are the fastest software engineers I ever worked with.
Krafit delivered an effective MVP with all the necessary features, meeting the project's scope. They demonstrated a high level of expertise and executed the tasks in a timely manner. Their tech stack and extensive knowledge were key elements of their work.
Vytautas Mikulenas
Vytautas Mikulenas
Founder, AugimoPartneris
arrow down
Their project management was very organized and efficient.
Thanks to Krafit, the client expresses satisfaction with the final product, noting improved functionality and uninterrupted uptime. They've demonstrated excellent organization and efficiency, responding to requests beyond regular hours. Their understanding of design and engineering is commendable.
David Macfarlan
David Macfarlan
President, Gearjot
arrow down
I had a fantastic experience with Krafit creating my e-shop.
Krafit delivered the project on time, meeting the client's expectations. They communicated frequently and promptly via virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. Their cost-effectiveness and professionalism were hallmarks of their work.
Modesta Vainaitė
Modesta Vainaitė
CEO, MB Vainaite
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